How to get the toddler massage my feet

Normally when I ask her to massage my feet she’ll just looks at me, says NO and walks away 😲 But now I have found the perfect way to make her massage my feet 😂

Poor feet

You see, I only have to say to one of her cousins, who’s often here: “Come massage my feet” and then the daughter comes running to massage my feet before her cousin even touches my feet 😂 is she jealous are what? 🤔

But today her cousin wasn’t here so I called the daughter to massage my poor feet and yes ofcourse she looked at me and said NO. So I tried some bribery first. And then a little bit of threatening 🤔

Me: “You want fries?

Daughter: “Yes!”

Me: “If you massage my feet I’ll give you some fries.”

Her answer: “NO!”

Me again: “Uhm you want prunes?”

Daughter: “Yes, Prunes!”

Me: “If you massage my feet I’ll give you fries and prunes!”

Daughter: “NO, mama i don’t want!”

Me threatening: “Well then I’ll just ask your teddybear to massage my feet. Then teddy will get fries and prunes!”

Oh man, you had to see her speed to my feet. And massage she did 😂 Ofcourse she did it with a very sour face. And ofcourse it was only for less then a minute and only when I ask her cousin or Teddy to massage the feet 😆

I don’t like this mommy
This is not fair mommy. Why you make me do this? 😂

Now I know I shouldn’t be doing this bribery and threatening stuff with her…but hey, sometimes my feet just don’t care! But don’t worry I won’t do it anymore…at least I hope so too 😂😎

After her hard work …. she gets what she wanted: fries and prunes

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